McOptic video/photo TV shoot in Basel. May 2021

Munich shooting for VKB July 2021

Omida Photo & Video shooting Jan 2021

Fun Model shooting in Greece June 2021

Penny Supermarkt shooting in Muenich

LONDON Barclays Bank prestige Model Shooting  

`Fishermans Friend` DANDY shooting in Latvia

SUN STORE Apotheke shooting in Biel Switzerland. VJii Productions promo video.

Neo Angin SwissTV advertising

         Selphies December 2020                                                                                                       Topharm Shooting / Pierlouigi Macor Photograph - and - OMIDA shooting / Fiona Bischof Photograph                                                                                       


Shooting `tectake DE` for Online Fashion

EKZ Lifestyle Smart Home Shooting

Optic/Fashion Shooting Koeln Nov.2018

Deutsche Bank Shooting September 2018


Die Hermes WunschZustellung

                                          MIGROS BANK - SWISS NATIONAL PRESS

20Minutes Press Release in Switzerland

PHILIPS Promo Video shooting - Zurich


Wintermagazine Gstaad - 5* HOTEL ERMITAGE `Solbad im Glück

Solothurn Bank Photoshooting in Bern

                    Raiffeisen Casa              Swisscom TV Xmas 2017                Lord Bonifaz

Elite Commercial Photoshooting in London Chelsea


SBB Regional Commercial Shooting on the Wallensee 

Lord BONIFAZ - BONIFAZ GIN Promo video shooting - 2017.

Website Commercial Photoshooting Luzern

Jan 2017

SBB Shooting

MERCEDES VIDEO -   20MinutenOnline - Frame Shots -I play the inventor `Professor Q` -Release Januar 2017. A  production by Herr FUCHS Agentur.


photographer rico rosenberger


Dramatic Film 99bpm / showing in Basel / Miami / Colombo, Berlin and South Korea. I play the the Mentor.

AUDIKA TV advertising 


Fashion Modelling for GRIS Fashion House in Zurich 

ADUNO GRUPPE Photoshooting 

Grandad jim

photo by fabian unternaehrer

MIGROS - MFIT photoshooting  

Photo shooting in BARCELONA for Symrise AG - Exit Model Agency Hamburg - Photographer Oliver Gast






SENS Recycling - photo by  rico rosenberger 

ProSenectute shooting  

photographer nadia neuhaus 

COMMERCIAL Promo Photoshooting

Photoshooting - Pierre Louigi photograph


Commercial for 5* Zurich Hotel Kameha - production from JoizTV  

Frames taken from Clip. See commercial video below.

Swiss National Railways-SBB Group 

MelYMel - Photoshooting

NZZ Newspaper - PhotoGRAPH Stefan Minder - SANITAS

NAEF GROUP Photoshooting - 22 Lieferwagens, containers und Website - Caspar Martig Photograph





Knackerbuehl JOIZ TV Video. Alte Rapper. Zurich

Commercial for 5* Zurich Hotel Kameha - production from Joiz

Website Filming - Showman and solo dancing.

Mercedes Road Show. Golfer.